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Application for Permit for Supervised Public Display of Fireworks

  1. Fire Department, Normal, IL

  2. Normal Fire Department

    Fire Prevention Division
    606 S. Main St.
    Normal, IL 61761
    (309) 454-9616

  3. Given by the Fire Department.

  4. We hereby make application for a permit to conduct a public dispay of fireworks on the:

  5. Please provide the date and time of the firework event.

  6. Please provide the name and address of your organization.

  7. Please provide the name and address of where the display will be taking place.

  8. Please provide the name and address of the firm providing the fireworks.

  9. Please provide the name and address of the pyrotechnic operator.

  10. Please provide the pyrotechnic operators license number.

  11. Please provide the number and types of fireworks planned to be used.

  12. You may attach a list here.

  13. Please provide us with all the information of where the fireworks will be stored.

  14. (Required in addition to insurance by state law)

  15. Has liability insurance been obtained?*

    ($500,000 or more)

  16. All accidents must be reported to the office of the State Fire Marshal withing Thirty-six (36) hours of any occurrence.

  17. Please sign or type the full names of three applicants, their age, and best phone number to reach them by.

  18. Submit application to The Division of Fire Prevention at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of occasion.

  19. This application will be approved only after all applicable forms are received and the proposal site has been inspected and all are in complicance with the Fireworks Regulation Section 6.4-37 of the Municipal Code of the Town of Normal. Rules of the State Fire Marshal and all Illinois State Laws.

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