Planting Trees

When Do I Need to Get a Permit to plant a tree in my yard?

A permit [PDF] is only necessary when you want to plant a tree on public property. If you are planting a tree on your privately owned property you do not need to contact the Town. If you are unsure if the property is public or private, please call our Parks and Recreation Department at (309) 454-9540 and they can assist you with that determination. Remember, in most instances the property closest to the street, or between the sidewalk and street, is public property. The McLean County GIS Online Mapping Tool shows an aerial photograph, property lines and many other items of interest regarding property in McLean County.

What Types of Factors Will Normal Consider When Approving Trees That Are to Be Planted on Public Property?

Normal’s trained and professional staff will consider a number of factors including the type of tree and proposed location of the planting. We will consider growth habits, propensity to storm damage, disease resistance and fruiting habits of trees among many other limitations. Normal’s professional staff is happy to help select a tree that would be best suited for a particular area.

If I Plant a Tree on Public Property & Do Not Obtain a Permit, Can I Be Fined?

Residents can be fined between $50 to $500 for planting a tree on public property without obtaining the necessary permit. Permits do not cost anything, however they necessary in order for the Town to properly care for all trees on public property.

Does Normal Offer Any Assistance for Residents Wanting to Plant a Tree on Private Property?

Yes, Normal does have a tree planting program that helps offset the cost of new trees planted on private property. Residents can be reimbursed for up to $60 through this tree planting program. For more information on this program and for an application please see the Tree Planting Program page.