Information Technology

IT - picture of network jackPurpose

The mission of the Information Technology Department is to provide secure, stable, operational and responsive information and communication systems for the Town of Normal. With the combination of current IT infrastructure and GIS capabilities, it is our goal to streamline internal and external services in a manner that will improve organizational efficiency and service delivery to the public.


The IT Department functions primarily as an internal service department for the Organization by enabling departments and employees to deliver service to the public efficiently and effectively through:
  • Advanced, integrated and cost-effective technology solutions, including enhanced mobility.
  • A robust, scalable, secure and reliable network environment.
  • Pervasive, easy-to-use access to information.
  • Strategic planning, project management and user training.
  • Modern and integrated communications services.
  • Responsive, responsible and respectful customer service.
The Department also provides all administration, development, and maintenance of the Town’s Geographic Information System (GIS), including:

  • The Town’s Land File.
  • Digital infrastructure data files.
  • Applications that allow access and data sharing between Town departments.
  • The tools within the GIS software to analyze datasets for asset management, future planning, and mapping projects.

FY 2016-17 Department Priorities

  • Develop and expand the use of GIS maps, apps and analytics for the organization and the public.
  • Expand e-government services and provide open access to data.
  • Expand the use of mobile technologies and secure remote access to systems to improve work efficiencies.
  • Update IT Master Plan and Implementation Actions.

Digital Tools